colourpop milk & cookies lip set

Colourpop Milk And Cookies Lip Set Review | Take a bite, Bad Habit, Alyssa

Colourpop Milk and Cookies Lip Set Review 

I’ve purchased this set during July from a Guwahati Based Instagram seller during Colourpop’s sale. These retail for $10 per trio, and I got them for Rs.899. Milk & Cookies was part of the ‘Stocking Stuffer’ collection that they launched in December 2017. This set is sold out on Colourpop’s site, so I cannot provide you the link.  

PRICE: $10

Buy it from Colourpop Site


colourpop milk and cookies lip set
colourpop milk and cookies lip set

These lipsticks have the cutest packaging. They are very tiny compared to a full-sized Colorpop Lipstick. This kit will definitely fit your palm.  I got the concept of stocking stuffers, this kit can be well hidden in a stocking as this is so small.  

The white outer packaging has cute ‘Milk & Cookies’ graphics all over it. Overall it’s cuter than the word ‘cute’. Insane right? well, I’m all about weird explanation.   This set is totally travel-friendly. Each lipstick is about 14 cm in length (*cough* Engineering student alert *cough*). So, you can carry it even in your tiniest purse.  


colourpop milk and cookies lip set
colourpop milk and cookies lip set review
colourpop milk and cookies lip set
colourpop milk and cookies lip set review

  Colourpop Milk & Cookies Lip Set contains three shades (Take a bite, Bad Habit, Alyssa) which have three different formulas (Glossy, Matte, Satin). So, if you are starting out Colourpop products, these sets come in handy, because you get to experience three different formulas – ultra glossy lip, ultra matte lip, and ultra satin lip.  

Colourpop Milk & Cookies Mini Liquid Lip Trio contains:

  • Take A Bite (Ultra Glossy Lip)
  • Bad Habit (Ultra Matte Lip)
  • Alyssa (Ultra Satin Lip)

Each mini lipstick contains 0.64 g (0.02 oz) of product. So, price-wise, these mini sets are not worth it because you get only 0.64 g * 3 = 1.92 g. A full-sized Colourpop lipstick cost about $6.50 for 3.2 g, so for 1.92 g, it should have cost about $4.  


But, if you are a lipstick hoarder like me and would love to finish lipsticks within the given time period, then you should definitely try this. You’ll get to try on different finishes along with different shades.

Colourpop Take A Bite Ultra Glossy Lip

It is a limited edition shade and specially made for this set. It has a pink hue to it and contains golden sparkles. Overall, it is a very pretty shade and the sparkles reflect when the light hits on it. This gloss stays for about 3 hours after which only the sparkle remains.

Colourpop Bad Habit Ultra Matte Lip

Bad Habit is described as a true berry shade. Bad Habit is one of my most favorite shade out of the three. It will look great on every skin tone. This shade just brightens up my complexion and I’ve received a lot of compliments after wearing this shade. I’d definitely stock up the full size. It is one of their award-winning lipstick shade. It stayed for about 6 hours on me.


Colourpop Alyssa Ultra Satin Lip

Alyssa is a Kathleen Lights X Colourpop collaboration. It is a muted pink shade. I freaking love this formula and the shade. It is lightweight, non-drying and sits well on the lips. It is the perfect nude for my skin tone but will wash out people who are two shades darker than me. Stays for about 6 hours. 

IMG 7916
colourpop milk and cookies lip set swatches


Do I recommend it? If you are not concerned about quantity but would love to try different shades and formulas from Colourpop, then this set it for you. For people who cannot commit to a full-sized lipstick can try this set. The shades are very pretty and it does contain a limited edition special gloss. If by any chance, you find this set on a third-party seller, do grab it.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable set
  • Contain three different formulas
  • Shade variety
  • Cute Packaging
  • Special shade made specifically for this set is included.
  • It contains very less amount of product.


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