simple night skin care routine

Simple Night Time Skin Care Routine Using Only 5 Steps

Simple Night time Skin care Routine using only five steps.

Nowadays, boujee skincare routine is all over the internet. Everybody wants a good flawless skin. Gone are the days of a cakey full face of makeup, everybody wants a dewy goddess-like skin. They want to embrace their blemishes, go out with a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. But how can we achieve all this?   For good skin, you need to prep them up, give good attention to your skin, and pamper it. I’ll show you a simple night skincare routine with 5 steps that will help you achieve that glowing healthy skin. Let’s just find out my skin care routine at night, shall we?  

1.  Use an oil based makeup remover /miceller water

  The first thing you must do before sleeping is to remove all your makeup (if you are wearing any) with oil-based makeup remover. It will make sure that all your makeup will melt off and you can remove it easily. Oil-based makeup remover ensures that your waterproof makeup will come off easily without any hassle.   You can also use micellar water if you are not using any waterproof makeup. Micellar water is water-based and is soap-free. I use Garnier Micellar Water or Pixi Vitamin C Cleanser, which can remove my Maybelline FIT Me Foundation and my liquid lipsticks as well.

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Easiest Night time skincare routine

2.  Cleansing

No matter how much a miceller water or makeup remover claims that you don’t need to use an extra cleanser, I never believe it. I need a face cleanser to remove this makeup remover/miceller water from my face. Face cleanser or face wash will make sure that you skin is clean of all the oils from the makeup remover. I use my Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash daily. You can also use those cleansers which have exfoliating beats in them.  

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Easiest Night time skincare routine scrubing
Simple Night time Skin care Routine using only five steps.


If you do not use a Face cleanser with exfoliating beads, then by all means use a face exfoliator. Exfoliator makes sure that all your pores are clean and will decrease the appearance of black heads and white heads.

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simple Night time skincare routine toning
Simple Night time Skin care Routine using only five steps.

3.  Toning:

A toner will make all your open pores to close and will remove the extra dirt from your face. I normally use only a rose water to tone my face. But you can also use other toners available in the market. Just make sure that it is alcohol free.

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4.  Serum

Easiest Night time skincare routine serum
Simple Night time Skin care Routine using only five steps.

  Serums are lightweight and contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients which can penetrate deep into your skin. It will ensure that your skin gets the required treatment. Using a serum overnight can help you rejuvenate and hydrate your skin directly. Hence serum is an essential part of daily skincare routine.

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Easiest Night time skincare routine moisturizing
Simple Night time Skin care Routine using only five steps.

5.  Moisturizing

The last step on this skincare routine is to use a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer after a serum will make sure to lock the serum into your face. A moisturizer will protect your skin by shielding it.  

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I hope this easiest nighttime skin care routine with five steps will help you in achieving that glowing, rejuvenated skin. Feel free to add your own magic touch.

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16 thoughts on “Simple Night Time Skin Care Routine Using Only 5 Steps”

  1. Cosmetics Arena

    I totally loved the routine..everything is appropriate, updates, and necessary…:))

  2. I need to start more steps to make my face look better. I will start with a toner to remove all that dirt from windy days.

  3. I love how the toner feels on my face, after I've taken off the make-up. Mine is based on cucumber and it feels very fresh and light.

  4. Thank you for a reminder to exfoliate. I think it might be what is missing in my routine. I will implement this step and hopefully see some results.

  5. I need to have a better routine at night. I admit, sometimes I'm tired so I slack off, but I can't do that! My skin needs the proper care.

  6. Patience Consistency

    I'll have to start trying out some of these tips. My skin is always a disaster, especially in the winter months!

  7. I also use Garnier Micellar Water from time to time. I switch it with Pond Cold Cream. I always make sure to clear my face off of make ups. It just feels nice to have fresh and clean face before bedtime. 🙂

  8. Honestly, when I am exhausted after a day loaded with tasks, I just use Garnier Micellar water Matte to remove my make up. Then I will brush my teeth and sleep. But i still got a lot of blackheads. Maybe I really need to follow these steps. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Some great information and recommendations. I'm guilty of skipping my skincare regime, it will be good to get back into it. Thank you!

  10. I do a have a night time routine but you have given some great recommendations for the skin care… will definitely try it 😊👍🏼

  11. I love this routine very much. I don't have any special skin care routines yet. Need to start care my face. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I really like how easy your night time routine is. i am pretty laid back with mine as well. i normally quickly exfoliate with baking soda and coconut oil and then wash it off with water before putting on a serum on my face.

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