Hey there, fabulous folks! Get ready to dive into the world of affordable beauty with me, your beauty enthusiast extraordinaire, T! At 26 years young, I’m not just any Biotechnologist and PhD student; I’m also a budget-savvy girl who knows how to slay on a budget!

It all started back in high school when I decided to share my passion for beauty on the interwebs. Fast forward to 2015, and Indian Budget Beauty was born on the humble platform of “Blogspot.” But as they say, good things grow, and my blog blossomed into a self-hosted website in 2017. Now, I’m reaching beauty enthusiasts from every corner of the globe!

If you’re tired of missing out on amazing skincare and makeup deals, fear no more! I’ve got your back with unbiased reviews and dupes that’ll make your wallet happy. Oh, and did I mention my skincare reviews are backed by science? Yep, I’m all about helping you make the right choices without any FOMO!

So, whether you’re a makeup maven or a skincare savant, let’s connect and embark on this beauty adventure together. Get ready to slay the beauty game without breaking the bank! See you on the blogosphere! 💄💅🌟

Email: trishna@indianbudgetbeauty.com

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