11 Best Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

11 Best Makeup Tips For Contact Wearers | Tip 11 is helpful

Here are the Best makeup tips for contact wearers! I’ve been wearing Contact Lenses for the past 5 years. I’m quite aware of all the dos and don’t, that you need to follow while wearing makeup, especially eye makeup.

Contact Lens is made of Silicone Hydrogel. It creates a soft lens that allows the Oxygen to transmit through the contact lens into the eyes.

Below are a few of the best makeup tips for contact wearers that will save you from harming your eyes and lenses. No. 11 is very helpful.

1. Apply contact lens before makeup application

You should always apply your contact lenses before makeup application. It makes sure that you don’t allow any oil, creams, or powder to enter your eyes.

2. Remove contact lenses before removing makeup

You should always remove your contact lenses first, then remove your makeup. Otherwise, your makeup remover can come in contact with your lenses and damage your contact lenses.

3. Try to stay away from waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascaras are a real pain. They are difficult to remove and can sometimes stick to your contact lens and damage it.

4. Avoid waterproof mascaras with fibers

Fiber mascaras as the name suggest contains small fibers, which can enter your eyes and stick onto your lenses.

5. Use ophthalmologically tested Mascaras/ Eyeliners

If you are a contact lens wearer then you MUST ONLY USE ophthalmologically tested mascaras or eyeliners.

6. Avoid applying eyeliner on the lower lash line

Applying eyeliner or kajal on the lower lash line while wearing contact lenses can either stain your contact lenses or can contaminate your lenses.

7. Avoid wearing false lashes

It is not a good idea nor it is advisable for contact lens wearers to wear false lashes. The combination of lash glue, lashes, and contact lenses don’t go well hand-in-hand.

8. Never wear contact lens or makeup if your eyes are red 

If you have any irritation on your eyes, never even think about applying makeup or wearing contact lens.

9. Make sure that the bristles of your brush are soft and the brushes are clean

Every contact lens wearer should make sure that the eye makeup brushes are clean and the bristles are soft. Otherwise, dirt might enter your eyes from unclean brushes and brushes with hard bristles might poke your eyes.

10. Never use expired makeup no matter how expensive that product is.

This a grave mistake most people do. Always declutter your makeup every 6 months. Get rid of all the expired makeup. No matter how expensive your makeup is, it is not worth more than your skin or eyes.

11. Apply eye drop (lubricants) after 2-3 hours if you will be wearing makeup for a long time

If you wear contact lens for 8-10 hours like me, then you MUST use an eye lubricant (Eye drops) after every 2-3 hours. This lubricant makes sure that your eyes don’t get dry. My doctor has advised me to use GenTeal Eye drops.

Wearing a pair of contact lenses needs a lot of care. If you do not maintain good hygiene, then it might lead to an eye infection. Makeup and contact lenses both need to be disinfected as your eyes are very sensitive and need special care.

If you depend on contact lenses for day to day life, then make sure to follow the above tips and tricks as it might help you. I’ve been following these tips thoroughly every day. Other than that, if you are not sure about the above tips, make sure to visit your ophthalmologist.

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