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Five Things You Should NOT Do With Lace Wigs

Lace front wig maintenance Guide

Hair makes you look gorgeous and adds flair to your personality. Even those with an appreciation for their own hair use lace wigs to create a beautiful new look. Lace units can look so natural and help you pull off that flawless look that is often sought after. There is a lot to choose from as these hair systems come in various shades and colors. Taking care of them is equally important for longevity. Here’s a little lace front wig maintenance guide to help you in taking care of them properly

Five Things You Should NOT Do With Lace Wigs

Careless conditioning:

Everyone knows that wigs contain a lot of hair and are delicate. Therefore while conditioning, a few things should not be committed in order to keep your wig healthy. Conditioning the unit while holding it in your palm is not helpful, instead use a model head for this purpose as this will be convenient for you, and you can clean it from every corner.

Washing without combing:

Lace wigs are beautiful and after washing and removing excess dirt and residue it will look appear more appealing. However, you might observe mild hair loss through the duration of the wash. This is because you have yet to release the knots and tangles from your unit.

lace front wig maintenance
lace front wig maintenance

Lack of frequent conditioning:

If you want your hair system to be graceful and appreciated by many then you should clean it properly. Any negligence in cleaning will lead to dryness and damage. Regular conditioning with care as if it is your natural hair is strongly recommended. After washing, use a strong cloth to drain most of the water. It is also advised to keep the wig on a towel so further dry and retain its moisture.

Dying your wig without consultation:

lace front wig maintenance
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lace front wig maintenance

There are many types of lace wigs and dying them before understanding them can prove detrimental. Therefore, ensure to check the nature of the type of hair used to develop your unit and consultant an expert for advice and assistance with dying your unit.

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Unfruitful repairing:

If your unit has lost its shine, you can use moisture-rich hair color or deep condition it to revive the color and natural virgin hair glow. Consult your vendor for further repairs such as repairing the lace and density of your unit.

To conclude, the above tips are simply guidelines to assist you with caring for your unit and increasing its longevity. Please consult your vendor or Beautician for further information

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