Beetroot Facial Packs For Nourishing & Glowing Skin
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4 Beetroot Face Packs For Rosy Glowing Skin

4 Beetroot Face Packs For Rosy Glowing Skin Benefits of Beetroot Beetroot is full of nutrients. It is enriched with Iron, Phosphorus, Fibre, and antioxidants. Beetroot is an excellent supplement in health, as mentioned by a 2015 Study. Beetroot is a source of Nitrate…

May 11, 2020
8 Best Cleansing Balm in India
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10 Best Cleansing Balm in India

Makeup Cleansing Balms are rich, butter-like solid cleansers that remove makeup and dirt from your face. They are travel-friendly and hassle-free as all you need is to scope out a little product and massage it onto your skin. These cleansing balms melt out your…

May 8, 2020
sigma aura powder blush cor de rosa review
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Sigma Aura Powder Blush Cor-De-Rosa Review

Sigma Aura Powder Blush in Cor-De-Rosa is always my all-time favorite blush. Sadly this is discontinued. It is the perfect blush that goes with every makeup look. You can use it as a blush, a bronzer, or as a face powder depending on your…

April 23, 2020